Women’s Health

1. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS).
Restoring normal amounts of progesterone production from the ovary and addressing underlying causes of fatigue and low endorphin production will rectify these debilitating conditions in more than 94% of women with PMS and PMDD
2. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and irregular cycles.
A common problem that is often just covered up with hormonal contraceptives, irregular cycles can be evaluated for the underlying cause and managed in a more natural, holistic way with nutrition and bioidentical hormones if necessary.
3. Post-Partum Depression.
Triggered in some women by the rapid withdrawal of progesterone post-partum, progesterone supplementation can help restore normal mood without interfering with breastfeeding. It is best to initiate treatment as soon as possible if a mother is experiencing more than just a few days of “baby blues”.
4. Perimenopause.
As women enter their 40’s subtle and not so subtle changes in ovarian function cause changes in the menstrual cycle. These changes can cause distress in many ways. We can help you track and manage these changes in a healthy way through the menopausal transition.
5. Menopause.
When the ovaries no longer ovulate in response to stimulation from the brain for a full year, this is menopause. Most women make this transition without difficulty, but some benefit from bioidentical hormone therapy to manage symptoms of hot flashes, mood and sleep disturbance. Monitoring cardiovascular and bone health is also key during this time of life.

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