Working With You To Help Overcome Infertility

Are you struggling with infertility or enduring the heartache of miscarriage? Experiencing infertility can be a frustrating and deeply emotional experience. Infertility does not mean you will never have a baby. The term is used by doctors when a woman does not become pregnant after trying to conceive for a year.

At MorningStar Family Health Center, we reignite hope by providing caring, in-depth evaluation and treatment designed to help you overcome the challenges of infertility in a way the works with your body. Our approach is called NaPro TECHNOLOGY. This is a methodology that uses the charting of the fertility cycle, called the Creighton Model FertilityCare System, coordinated with testing such as blood tests and ultrasound, to determine and treat the underlying causes of infertility and miscarriage.

We encourage you to consider our infertility package, where we focus on improving your health and therefore increase your chances of a successful pregnancy. You can set up a free phone consult or call the office to learn more about this approach at (908) 735-9344.

We have put together this program for our Infertility/Miscarriage couples to make NaPro treatment affordable and with predictable costs.

What Is NaPro?

Infertility Membership:

  • $87 Initial Consult,
  • Then $189/month

In some cases, a Foundations program may be recommended at the beginning of treatment, this will be discussed at the Wellness Evaluation

For those who have not started charting yet we can refer you to local teachers

An Excellent Value:

  • Evaluation Review Appointment: Included
  • Napro Follow-Ups With Physician In Office: Included
  • Video Or Telephone Napro Follow-Ups With Physician: Included
  • Monthly Cycle Review Is Included At No Additional Charge
  • Pregnancy Visit With Physician: Included
  • Progesterone Monitoring During Pregnancy: Included
  • Ultrasound: $75
  • Blood Draw: No Additional Charge
  • Also Covers Primary Care For Both Spouses If Desired
  • Supplies Such As SFA Kit, Supplements, Charts And Stamps Are Additional Charge
  • Fertility services are for married couples

You will receive a receipt at each office visit showing the value of each service and diagnostic and billing codes included for submission for out-of-network reimbursement. This will also document your medical expenses.

Investing in your health to improve your fertility is a good investment.