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MorningStar Family Health Center was founded on a deep belief in the importance of dignity and respect for every person throughout every stage of life.

You are a whole person- not a collection of body parts! We are committed to caring for you in an integrated way.

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An integral part of MorningStar’s approach is a collaborative relationship between our doctors and the patient. Our doctors serve as your guide, helping you restore health.

Celiac Disease and Fertility Problems

If you’ve been trying to have a baby, celiac disease and fertility problems may be standing in your way. It may be hard to believe but celiac disease, which causes an allergy to gluten, can actually lead to fertility problems in both men and women. The exact reasons...

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How Probiotics Can Help Your Immune System

By now, almost everyone has heard of probiotics, the active cultures in a range of dairy products such as yogurt, some cheeses and kefir, and in fermented foods such as miso, kimchi and sauerkraut. Most of these are tasty additions to our diet that can also help...

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Myths and Facts About Boosting Your Immune System

There are a lot of theories on how to boost the immune system to ward off diseases, particularly in reference to cold and flu season, when people are most concerned with avoiding illness when everyone around them seems to be sick. But is there any truth in these...

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The Gluten-Free Diet and Your Family

When you’re getting ready to make big changes, you need to think about the gluten-free diet and your family. Should everyone go gluten free? Or is it too much? It’s important to understand how to feed your family in a healthy way. Eliminating gluten means eliminating...

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Kefir 101

You may have heard about kefir and even seen it in the supermarket, but what is this food and how can hit benefit you? You may be surprised to find how beneficial this fermented food isKefir is similar to yogurt…

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Hay Fever and Gut Health

What does got health have to do with hay fever or seasonal allergies? Probably a good deal more than you might think. Allergies and hay fever are an inappropriate defensive response to pollen and other substances. According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, "Besides being...

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“The Foundations Program was a truly positive experience. I feel more educated about how to be the healthiest I can be than any time in the past. No experience in my 48 years with ANY doctor’s office has EVER been this thorough. I know more about my body and how to to take care of it and my family than ever before. I highly recommend this to anyone who takes their health seriously. It was REALLY life changing for me and my family!” Melanie D.

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